1Handbook of mathematical functionsAbramowitz, Stegun 1-1
2Vol 1: MechanicsLandau & Lifshitz 1-1
3Vol 2: Classical theory of fieldsLandau & Lifshitz 1-1
4Vol 3: Quantum mechanicsLandau & Lifshitz 1-1
5Vol 4: Quantum electrodynamicsLandau & Lifshitz 1-1
6Vol 5: Statistical physicsLandau & Lifshitz 1-1
7Vol 6: Fluid mechanicsLandau & Lifshitz 1-1
8Vol 7: Theory of elasticityLandau & Lifshitz 1-1
9Vol 8: Electrodynamics of continuous mediaLandau & Lifshitz 1-1
10Lectures on Physics Vol 1 Feynman 1-1
11Lectures on Physics Vol 2Feynman 1-1
12Lectures on Physics Vol 3Feynman 1-1
13Surprises in theoretical physicsRudolf Peierls 1-1
14More surprises in theoretical physicsRudolf Peierls 1-1
15Aspects of symmetrySidney Coleman 1-1
16Solitons & InstantonsR Rajaraman 1-1
17The Physics of quantum fieldsMichael Stone 1-1
18Quantum field theory and critical phenomenaJean Zinn-Justin 1-1
19Quantum field theoryMandl & Shaw 1-1
20A first book of quantum field theoryAmitabha Lahiri,Palash B. Pal 1-1
21Functional integrals and collective excitationsV. N. Popov 1-1
22Quantum electrodynamicsFeynman 1-1
23Particles, sources and fieldsJulian Schwinger 1-1
24Statistical field theory (Vol 1)Itzykson & Drouffe 1-1
25Statistical field theory (Vol 2)Itzykson & Drouffe 1-1
26Quantum field theoryL H Ryder 1-1
27Finite temparature field theoryAshok Das 1-1
28Quantum field theoryMark Srednicki 1-1
29Theoretical physicsDavid Feldman 1-1
30PhD ThesisS. Lal 1-1
31PhD ThesisB. Trauzettel 1-1
32PhD ThesisI. Safi 1-1
33Int J Mod PhysS. Lal and M. Laad 1-1
34Condensed matter physicsMichael Marder 1-2
35Basic aspects of the quantum theory of solidsDaniel I Khomskii 1-2
36Elementary Solid state physicsOmar 1-2
37Quantum theory of solidsR E Peierls 1-2
38Concepts in solidsAnderson 1-2
39Principle of the theory of solidsJ.M.Ziman 1-2
40Theory of magnetismK Yosida 1-2
41Interacting electrons and quantum magnetismAssa Auerbach 1-2
42Many body quantum theory in condensed matter physicsBruus & Flensberg 1-2
43Solid state physicsG. Grosso and G. P. Paravicini 1-2
44Condensed matter physicsAkira Isihara 1-2
45Theory of superconductivityJ R Schrieffer 1-2
46Quantum field theory in condensed matter physicsTsvelik 1-2
47Electron correlation in metalsYamada 1-2
48Introduction to superconductivityTinkham 1-2
49Quantum theory of electron liquidGiuliani and Vignale 1-2
50Band theory and electronic properties of solids Singleton 1-2
51Defects and geometry in condensed matter physicsD. Nelson 1-2
52Nonequilibrium many body theory of quantum systemsStefanucci & van Leeuwen 1-2
53A guide to feynman diagrams in the many body problemsMattuck 1-2
54Low dimensional QFT for condensed matter physicistsS Lundqvist, Morandy, Lu 1-2
55The quantum hall effectD Yoshioka 1-2
56The electron gasM Pollak, M Ortuno, A Frydman 1-2
57Advanced solid state physics (2 copies of 2nd Ed.)Philip Philips 1-2
58Quantum field theory of many body systemsXiao-Gang Wen 1-2
59Kibble at 80Tom Kibble 1-2
60Composite fermionsJainendra K Jain 1-2
61The quantum hall effect Prange, Girvin 1-2
62Magnetism and superconductivity L P Levy 1-2
63Quantum theory of many body systemsA Zagoskin 1-2
64Electronic transport in mesoscopic systemsSupriyo Datta 1-2
65Introduction to mesoscopic physicsImry 1-2
66Condensed matter field theory (1st Edition)Altland and Simons 1-2
67Condensed matter field theory (2nd Edition)Altland and Simons 1-2
68Statistical mechanics and applications in condensed matterC. Di Castro and R. Raimondi 1-2
69Symmetry and condensed matter physics Batanouny and Wooten 1-3
70A quantum approach to condensed matter physicsTaylor & Heinonen 1-3
71Field theory of non-equilibrium systems Alex Kamenev 1-3
72Nanophysics coherence and transportBouchiat 1-3
73Feynmann diagram techniques in CMPRadi A Jishi 1-3
74Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute gasesPethick & Smith 1-3
75Soft matter physicsMasao Doi 1-3
76Electrical transport in nanoscale systemsMassimiliano Di Ventra 1-3
77Quantum liquids A J Leggett 1-3
78Quantum physics in one dimensionThierry Giamarchi 1-3
79Magnetism in condensed matterBlundell 1-3
80Lecture on complex metalsDorogovtsev 1-3
81Soft condensed matterJones 1-3
82Quantum theory of magnetismWhite 1-3
83Green's functions for solid state physicistsDoniach & Sondheimer 1-3
84Methods of quantum field theory in statistical physicsAbrikosov, Gorkov, Dzyalonskii 1-3
85Solid state theoryW.A Harrison 1-3
86Lecture notes on field theory in CMTC. Mudry 1-3
87Lecture notes on electron correlation and magnetismFazekas 1-3
88Quantum field theory in strongly correlated electronic systemsN Nagaosa 1-3
89Quantum field theory in condensed matter physicsN Nagaosa 1-3
90Field theory of condensed matter physics-(2nd edition)Eduardo Fradkin 1-3
91Quantum transportNazarov and Blanter 1-3
92Transport in nanostructuresFerry,Goopdnick and Bird 1-3
93Field theory in condensed matter physics -Sumathi Rao 1-3
94Solid state physicsAshcroft & Mermin 1-3
95Quantum mechanicsRobert Scherrer 1-4
96Quantum mechanicsEugen Merzbacher 1-4
97Principle of Quantum mechanicsR Shankar 1-4
98Advanced Quantum MechanicsNazarov and Danon 1-4
99The principles of quantum mechanicsP.Dirac 1-4
100Quantum mechanics(vol-1)Albert Messiah 1-4
101Quantum mechanicsJohn L Powell & Bernd Crasemann 1-4
102Modern Quantum MechanicsJ J Sakurai 1-4
103Advanced quantum mechanicsJ J Sakurai 1-4
104Quantum MechanicsBallentine 1-4
105Geometric phases in physicsShapere and Wilczek 1-4
106Quantum MechanicsBand and Avishai 1-4
107Quantum OpticsG. S. Agarwal 1-4
108Introduction to percolation theoryStrauffer & Aharony 1-4
109A modern course in statistical physicsLinda E.Reichl 1-4
110Statistical MechanicsS K Ma 1-4
111Equilibrium statistical physicsPlischke and Bergersen 1-4
112A modern approach to critical phenomenaIgor Herbut 1-4
113Renormalization MethodsMccomb 1-4
114Scaling and renormalization in Statistical physicsJohn Cardy 1-4
115Statistical mechanicsKerson Huang 1-4
116Statistical MechanicsKubo 1-4
117Understanding quantum phase transitionsLincoln D Carr 1-4
118Quantum phase transitionsSubir Sachdev 1-4
119Statistical physics of particlesMehran Kardar 1-4
120Statistical physics of fieldsMehran Kardar 1-4
121Lectures on phase transitions and the renormalization groupNigel Goldenfeld 1-4
122Principles of condensed matter physicsChaikin & Lubensky 1-4
123Mathematical mnethods for physics and engineeringRiley,Hobson,Bence 2-1
124Mathematical mnethodsin the physical sciencesMary L.Boas 2-1
125Further pure mathematicsBostock,Chandler,Rourke 2-1
126Basic training in mathematicsR.Shankar 2-1
127Linear algebra problem bookPaul R Halmos 2-1
128A course of pure mathematicsG.H.Hardy 2-1
129Problems and solutionbs in theoritical and mathematical physicsWilli-Hans Steeb 2-1
130Complex variablesAblowitz & Fokas 2-1
131Introduction to topology and modern analysisGF Simmons 2-1
132Differential equations -theory,technique,practiceSimmons & Krantz 2-1
133Finite Dimensional Vector SpacesHalmos 2-1
134Mathematical methods for physicistsArfken,Weber,Haris 2-1
135Mathematical methods for physicistsArfken,Weber 2-1
136Geometry,topology and physicsM Nakahara 2-1
137Topology for physicistsAlbert S.Schwarz 2-1
138Statistical Data AnalysisAdrian Bevan 2-1
139Complex variablesSpiegel,Lipschutz,Schiller,Spellman 2-1
140Group theory for physicistsA.W.Joshi 2-1
141Linear Algebra and its applicationsGilbert Strang 2-1
142Complex variables and applicationsBrown & Churchill 2-1
143Mathematical methods of classical mechanicsArnold 2-1
144Mathematical methods for physicsStone & Goldbart 2-1
145Introduction to elementary particlesD. J. Griffiths 2-2
146Particle physicsMartin & Shaw 2-2
147The phases of Quantum ChromodynamicsKogut, Stephanov 2-2
148Non Perturbative Field TheoryFrishman, Sonneschein 2-2
149Quarks & LeptonsFrancis Halzen & Alan D.Martin 2-2
150Gauge theory of elementary particle physicsCheng & Li 2-2
151Finite Temparature Field Theory Principles and ApplicationsGale & Kapusta 2-2
152Classical mechanicsHerbert Goldstein 2-2
153OpticsA Ghatak 2-2
154Nuclear PhysicsI. Kaplan 2-2
155Classical ElectrodynamicsJ. D. Jackson 2-2
156Electronic principlesA. P. Malvino 2-2
157Heat & TheormodynamicsZemansky & Dittman 2-2
158A- level PhysicsR. Muncaster 2-2
159Space, Time and GravitationVladimirov, Mitskievich and Horsky 2-2
160Introduction to CosmologyJ.V.Narlikar 2-2
161CosmologySteven Weinberg 2-2
162Gravity (An intro to Einstein's general relativity)James B.Hartle 2-2
163Unix for youP. Koparkar 2-2
164The C-programming LanguageThe C-programming Language 2-2
165Practical C programmingS. Ouallin 2-2
166Introductory EconomicsG. F. Stanlake 2-2
16720th Century World AffairsJ. Murray 2-2
168Swamy's HandbookSwamy 2-2
169An appraisal of J. V. StalinS. Bose 2-2
170Goedel, Escher and BachD. Hofstdater 2-2
171Sri Ramkrishna and his Unique messageSwami Ghanananda 2-2
172Selections from the complete works of Swami VivekanadaSwami Ghanananda 2-2
173Coping with faculty stressGmelch 2-2
174Even a geek can speakJoey Asher 2-2
175First order principles for college teachersRobert Boice 2-2
176Tomorrow's professorRichard M Reis 2-2
177One hundred reason to be a scientistAbdus Salam 2-2
178Science, Spirituality and the nature of RealityT. D. Singh and R. Penrose 2-2
179Getting fundedMary Hall 2-2
180A Phd is not enough P J Feibelman 2-2
181Why things are the way they are B.s.Chandrasekhar 2-2
182Philips Modern School Atlas 2-2