1.  Graph Polynomials & Topological Entanglement Entropy
  DPS Day 2023, IISER Kolkata
  Mar 18, 2023      Slides Comments: A short presentation by EPQM friend and collaborator, Prof. Somnath Basu (of DMS, IISER Kolkata) on our collaborative work on developing new mathematical tools and techniques for dealing with unveiling topological entanglement entropy in topologically ordered quantum systems.

2.  What makes the Quantum Computer different?
  Winter School on Quantum Computing at IISER Kolkata
  Dec 15, 2022      Slides Comments: Various features of Quantum mechanics make the quantum computer different. We discuss each of them in turn.

3.  Revisiting the impurity Metal-Insulator transition at the heart of DMFT: what lies behind the veil of self-consistency?
  Grad Program in Physics- Federal University of Uberlândia
  Nov 10, 2022     Video Slides Comments: DMFT offers an exact solution to the metal-insulator transition of the half-filled Hubbard model on the Bethe lattice in infinite dimensions. We seek to understand why that is the case.

4.  Unitary RG study of the Kondo model
  Department of Theoretical Physics, TIFR
  Mar 01, 2022     Video Slides Comments: Applying the unitary RG method to the well-known Kondo problem reveals fresh insight, such as a theory for the Kondo screening cloud.

5.  Origin of topological order in a Cooper-pair insulator
  Gluon - The Physics Journal Club, IISER Kolkata
  Jan 21, 2022     Video Comments: What is topological order? We discuss how to answer this question in a prototypical insulating quantum liquid system comprised of Cooper pairs.

6.  Insights on the origin and nature of superconductivity of the hole-doped 2D Hubbard model
  YIMQCMT 2020
  Dec 15, 2020     Video Comments: A fresh take on the well-known conundrum of superconductivity from repulsion in the 2D Hubbard model. Additional context can be found here.