Advanced Condensed Matter Physics

  • Fermi Liquid Theory (many-body perturbation theory, RG approach, Luttinger’s theorem and some insights on non-Fermi liquids)
  • Disorder and Localization Physics (weak localisation, scaling theory of gang-of-four)
  • Superconductivity (Ginzburg-Landau phenomenology and BCS theory)


Advanced Statistical Mechanics

  • Introduction to Phase Transitions, Classification and some popular models that are studied
  • Mean Field theory (Curie-Weiss, Bogolyubov, Exact solution in infinite dimensions, Ginzurg-Landau)
  • A tour of some exactly solvable models
  • Symmetry breaking, and Fluctuations
  • Anomalous dimensions and Scaling


Introductory Quantum Mechanics

  • The concept of wave function, Postulates of quantum mechanics, introduction to operators and eigenvalues. Simple solvable problems
  • Calculation of probabilities and expectation values, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. Wave packets and motion in quantum mechanics, free particle wave packets, Scattering and tunneling.
  • Angular momentum: orbital angular momentum, commutation relations and compatibility. Solution of 3D Schrdinger equation, the hydrogen atom, Spin angular momentum.
  • A few extra topics (e.g., two spin Heisenberg problem, particle on a circle, particle in a double well, the Landau problem).

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Physics Laboratory IV

  • Modern Physics
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Optics